Do a pig a favour! Ban vegetarianism now! – by Giles Coren

untitled1A friend posted a link to the article with this outlandish title.  It’s a fun read.  He makes a few interesting points about the psychological motivation for some people to become vegetarians.  He does not acknowledge that it may not the be the motivations for everyone to become vegetarian.

But that’s not the point of his article.  It’s clear that this piece isn’t about doing research or checking facts.  It’s about smacking a beehive full of veggies with a sticka nd seeing who comes out to sting him.  That makes it fun to read.  He even goes to my favorite cheap argument of the vegetarian debate; “You know Hitler was a vegetarian!”

As someone who was once a vegetarian myself I’m not offended.  (Maybe that’s a failure on his part.)  But I would have liked to see some information supporting his accusations of vegetarians being pale and lacking in nutrition.  That’s actually something I felt when I was one.  But I thought it was because I wasn’t diligent enough in my pursuit of healthy food.

As much as this post may seem to be down on his article I’m glad I read it and had fun doing so.  I feel he belongs in the same pen with the other angry Brits who’s muscle flexing is all about writing angry, inciting statements and using that energy to cover for a lack of sustance.
But it’s great to open the gate every now and then and let them give you something to laugh at.

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