Star Trek Crew – 01

st-crew-1-00It just so happened that I read the first two issues of this series in backwards order.  But luckily it’s episodic enough that it isn’t a problem.  For anyone thinking of jumping into this series late, have no fear.  It should be easy to pick up anywhere.

This issue gives you a peek at the Enterprise before it was officially put into service.  It’s prior to even Captain Pike, for you Trek fans who are in the know enough to wonder.

And if you’re a big enough Trek nerd you’ll catch that the call number is not what you’d expect.  Another ship of the same class makes an appearance with the number NCC-1700, but this fresh Enterprise is labeled NX-0002.  I don’t know if this is meant to be a temporary designation, or if this is some interim Enterprise.  I can’t believe that John Byrne would make a mistake in that way.  But it looks exactly like the original on the original show.  It’s nice to return to those familiar sets.

The other nice element that Byrne has brought back here is the feeling of unexpected death that space exploration presents.  In the original series it was easy for people to die and death came abruptly.  This book has brought back that uneasiness that has been lacking for much of the recent Star Trek lore.

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  • Ewelina says:

    Hi,an interesting epidose of Enterprise.This epidose had some good moments for me. I enjoyed the fact that Starfleet sent them on this mission, that Admiral Forrest mentioned the comet in Breaking the Ice . As Adam said this was the beginnings of the Starfleet we know, also loved the comment about more starships on the way.The story overall was quite good. Anything that give Mayweather something to do must be good. So Travis is a boomer, born in space. Well I am glad this epidose cleared that up, the previous stories had not made that fact clear enough. Though Travis’s comments at the end were helpful to Archer. Again Archer shows his diplomatic side by ending the crisis.Nice to see the Nausicaan’s. I am sure in TNG they were not mentioned as Pirates, only that they are good at stabbing hearts. Some good points made about Hoshi not going aboard with Archer.All in all a steady story,one I would score as a 7.Another enjoyable cast. Great guest this week with JD, just loved the birds in the background.Michael.P.S. It was the TNG party that my wife was looking forward to. I am sure she will love to meet you though. +2Was this answer helpful?

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