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Star Trek Crew – 01

st-crew-1-001It just so happened that I read the first two issues of this series in backwards order. But luckily it’s episodic enough that it isn’t a problem. For anyone thinking of jumping into this series late, have no fear. It should be easy to pick up anywhere.

This issue gives you a peek at the Enterprise before it was officially put into service. It’s prior to even Captain Pike, for you Trek fans who are in the know enough to wonder.

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Star Trek Crew – 02

star-trek-crew-2-001I picked this up and read it without having seen issue #1. It worked fine that way. The situation was clear and the story didn’t feel like a fragment I was coming into the middle of.

While I’ve been dissapointed by John Byrne’s reduced effort in his artwork, this book seems to have just a bit of his passion restored. It’s still not drawn with the love that you see in his old Fantastic Four comics. But that was decades ago.

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