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Michael Clayton

michael-clayton-truth1Great performances, great script, well directed, but best picture? I’m not so sure.

Tom Wilkinson stole the show with his great performance as a disturbed corporate attorney. Clooney was very good. But maybe Wilkinson’s character would have been more interesting to follow.

Tilda Swinton was good, but her part didn’t give her all that much to do. She had some heavy moments, but not a lot to connect them up and give them more weight. She did the equivalent of a good performance in a dark and moody music video. So it’s no fault of her own that her role wasn’t meatier.

Scene by scene the film is very well scripted. But the ending wasn’t entirely satisfying. We hear about the things Michael Clayton can cover up, but we don’t really get to see it. The one glimpse we get of him doing so he just passes off to another attourney, already too far down his own dramatic road to let the audience catch up with him. If we had started earlier in his personal arc we could have seen this dramatic motion more.

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