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Kings – s01e04 – 2009.03.29 – First Night

kings-logoWhile he’s set up as a vilain, Prince Jack could become one of this show’s most interesting characters. This episode was light on political intrigue, but did a lot to expand Jack’s character. The peek inside his world helped to expand the setting of the show.

I’m impressed with a network show being brave enough to deal with a gay character so prominently. It’s nice to see the complicated situation of him being a public figure yet completely closeted. And the violence at the club showed his frustration andbottled up rage needing an outlet well.

And King Silas’s smaller plot-line about his bastard son and mistress was compelling. As we watch him struggle with new difficulties and make sacrifices to keep his kingtom together it’s continually hinted that he will fall as king. David Shepherd was set up as the main character in the premiere. But Silas and Jack were certainly more central in this episode.

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Star Trek Crew – 01

st-crew-1-001It just so happened that I read the first two issues of this series in backwards order. But luckily it’s episodic enough that it isn’t a problem. For anyone thinking of jumping into this series late, have no fear. It should be easy to pick up anywhere.

This issue gives you a peek at the Enterprise before it was officially put into service. It’s prior to even Captain Pike, for you Trek fans who are in the know enough to wonder.

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Star Trek Crew – 02

star-trek-crew-2-001I picked this up and read it without having seen issue #1. It worked fine that way. The situation was clear and the story didn’t feel like a fragment I was coming into the middle of.

While I’ve been dissapointed by John Byrne’s reduced effort in his artwork, this book seems to have just a bit of his passion restored. It’s still not drawn with the love that you see in his old Fantastic Four comics. But that was decades ago.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – s02e20 – To The Lighthouse

sarah-connor1summer20glau20firefly20terminatorAfter two multi-episode story arcs we are dealing with consequences now.

Sarah is trying to get John away from Cameron and/or Derek. Everyone seems to know some fragment of everyone else’s secrets. And there is plenty withheld and building mistrust.

For the most part this feels like a bridge episode between two larger story arcs. But there are still a few important things that happen.

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Red Mars – pg1-280

This book reminds me that classic sci-fi often forgot the science. Then the reaction of hard SF got the science right but forgot the fiction part of it all.

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