Kings – s01e04 – 2009.03.29 – First Night

king_104_17-jackWhile he’s set up as a vilain, Prince Jack could become one of this show’s most interesting characters. This episode was light on political intrigue, but did a lot to expand Jack’s character. The peek inside his world helped to expand the setting of the show.

I’m impressed with a network show being brave enough to deal with a gay character so prominently.  It’s nice to see the complicated situation of him being a public figure yet completely closeted.  And the violence at the club showed his frustration andbottled up rage needing an outlet well.

And King Silas’s smaller plot-line about his bastard son and mistress was compelling.  As we watch him struggle with new difficulties and make sacrifices to keep his kingtom together it’s continually hinted that he will fall as king.  David Shepherd was set up as the main character in the premiere.  But Silas and Jack were certainly more central in this episode.

king_104_16-silas-3Silas is also interesting in his theological conflict.  He’s rejected God but still believes.  Him snapping the neck of a deer to sacrifice it to satify God’s need in exchange for his son’s health was a great moment. 

While I hope the show is strongly thought out and plotted long down the road, I hope there’s enough flexibility to keep characters who grow into something great.  I would guess that they’ll keep SIlas around and keep teasing his demise as long as ratings are good.  Then when they need a boost they’ll have him die to create a big event.  At least that’s better than if they kill him off in season one and have the plot be about David versus Jack.

I really wouldn’t mind this becoming an ensemble show.  David was a good introduction for audiences, allowing us to be shown this other world through the eyes of an outsider.  But I don’t want his simple good character to prevent us from exploring what’s truly interesting in this setting.

If we’re to follow David I would at least like to see him rise to power while having to make all the same sacrifices as Silas, ultimately ending up as just as compromised of a ruler.

It’s agood sign that I want to keep the existing characters around.  Princess Michelle is feeling a bit flat now that the others have been developed more.  She’s so good that she is completely predictable.  Rather than seeing her become compromised as much as I suggested for David, it would be nice to see her find a way to maintain her morals while becoming a cunning and viscious politician.  That would be a worthwhile use of her character and may be the most satisfying result.

However, I doubt I’ll get all my wishes.  Most doubtful is that Jack will be dirtied up as I would like.  But maybe he’ll just become one of the group and then I can live with it.  Bart took a back seat to Homer on The Simpsons once it became clear who the more interesting character was.

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