Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – s02e20 – To The Lighthouse

After two multi-episode story arcs we are dealing with consequences now.

Sarah is trying to get John away from Cameron and/or Derek.  Everyone seems to know some fragment of everyone else’s secrets.  And there is plenty withheld and building mistrust.

For the most part this feels like a bridge episode between two larger story arcs.  But there are still a few important things that happen.

We get a tease about Sarah’s cancer.  After being foreshadowed in the premiere it had been all but forgotten by this point in the second season.  But the “previously on…” tipped us to any surprise that may have come from that popping up again.  Ultimately since it turned out to not be cancer, maybe it doesn’t matter.

The jungle set for the flashbacks was a bit cheap looking.  Even still I can’t believe it cost less to build that thing than to fly two actors and a crew to a genuine location.  Oh well.  TV has come a long way, but sometimes it reminds you that it’s just TV.

The developments with John Henry are interesting and hint at more developments.  This show is in its second year and it’s still unclear just what ZeiraCorp is trying to do.  On the face of it, we’re lead to believe that a T-1000 has come back to give birth to the Terminators.  But the hacker introduced this episode is an interesting wrinkle.  If the malware just came from humans in the future trying to kill their enemy, pull a reverse Terminator 1 on them, then that will be dissapointing.  If, however, this is an important part of the birth of the Terminators, and the now benign John Henry needed to be modified in some way to become the consiousness that will try to eradicate humanity, then that’s a more interesting twist.

Charley’s reintroduction and then rapid death seemed a bit anticlimactic.  Bringing him back to kill him off could have at least happened more slowly.  But maybe he has to go date Liz Lemon again, so he’s no longer available and they had to close the door on his part in this show.

There is one great moment when Sarah is watching John talk with Charley.  She’s watching through a window unobserved and it’s very reminiscent of the parallel moment in Terminator 2 when she watches a younger John with the Arnold Terminator and there’s a voice-over about him being a surrogate father and one who would never mistreat John.  Thankfully there was no voice-over here, but the moment was all the more powerful for it.

The attack on John and Charley at the lighthouse was strange because the attackers are never shown.  It was similar to when Cromartie killed all of Ellison’s team in season one and all that was seen was them falling into the swiming pool.  That seemed to work better than this.  I would guess that both were done for budgetary reasons.  But the earlier scene felt more stylish as well.  This one just felt like something was missing.

We still see how things go down with Sarah’s attackers and with the team that attacks Derek and Cameron, kidnapping Derek.  So that makes it somewhat forgiveable.

Charley being dead seems less important that the fact that John is now on the run and seperated from everyone else.  I hope they keep it that way for a while and do some interesting stories along those lines.

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  • Honorine says:

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